All the products are made of “Spunlaid”, a non-woven fabric with resistance, softness and absorption capacity, that lets our products combine textile quality with the advantage and convenience of single use.


Attention to the customer and care in preparation are also achieved through little tricks which can make the difference.


SET YOUR TABLE WITH NAPKO. Just insert the cutlery and it’s ready.


The textile-effect weave is the hallmark of a collection that, thanks to its visual, aesthetic and tactile sensation, recalls high-quality yarns.

Black & White

Black and white: opposites, the so-called “non-colours”, characterise a line of napkins with a strong visual impact.

Blue & White

It is the colour associated with spirituality and harmony.

Aqua & White

A shade of blue that recalls the crystalline sea of certain atolls, which meets a clear and sunny sky.


The colours, nature and themes of the sea and its landscapes are the characteristic of this collection.


A collection that recalls the most classic tradition of Alpine style, consisting of history, customs, folklore and a strong identity.


The chequered pattern, beloved by grandmothers, is universally considered to be the tablecloth par excellence

Geometric & Design

A rich selection of stylised shapes, well-defined lines and colours, enhanced in bright brushstrokes.

Floral & Decor

Una miscellanea di soggetti floreali, arabeschi, decori minimali e ornamenti lussuosi per una linea che vuole richiamare alla mente la natura e le sue forme.


Fast, easy and colorful on both sides, our placemats decorate the most modern table, giving the setting a minimal style and an international flavour.

Christmas Collection

Warmth, tradition, sharing, celebration: we bring to the table the magic of Christmas with a unique and precious collection, entirely dedicated to the most awaited period of the year.



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